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Why Is Alternative Dispute Resolution More Efficient Than Litigation?

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) avoids legal situations and attempts to settle issues quietly. If you or your company is in a financial conflict, it’s critical to determine the best action. It might seem like litigation is the proper choice, but alternative dispute resolution is more effective in most cases.

Read on to learn more about the advantages of alternative dispute resolution over litigation. We will also mention the issues with selecting ADR over litigation to help you determine the best choice for your situation. The more you know about each process, the easier it will be to determine which is ideal.

Advantages of Alternative Dispute Resolution Over Litigation

Litigation is the classic choice for solving troubles between two parties. However, there are many advantages alternative dispute resolution has over this legal process.

Let’s talk about the advantages of alternative dispute resolution over litigation. The more you know about the efficiency of this tactic, the easier it will become to make a proper decision about your situation.


Alternative dispute resolution provides flexibility in a discussion. Unlike litigations, you aren’t attached to dates and other circumstances surrounding the legal situation. There is more wiggle room to change dates, as needed, to fit timelines and calendars.

Each party can determine its terms and decide how the process will work. They will establish rules, create deadlines, and determine the circumstances surrounding the decision. Flexibility is a win if you want more control over the situation. It also permits the terms to help the circumstance become more efficient than it would be in litigation.


Alternative dispute resolution tends to be less expensive than litigation. Parties don’t have to pay for legal fees and circumstances, such as attorney’s fees. The circumstances are much more limited in an alternative dispute resolution, so fewer people get involved.

If both parties want to save money during the process, they should agree to go with alternative dispute resolution. It will keep more money in clients’ pockets and make things a little less stressful for all. The higher the motivation to spend less money by completing the process sooner, the faster it will get done.


Alternative dispute resolutions are time effective. Most court cases will stretch into extensive deals, some taking as long as two years to resolve. The most efficient alternative dispute resolution cases will take only a few months to complete.

Money is time, especially in legal cases. The shorter the legal case, the less money out of pocket for individuals and companies involved. Litigation rarely takes less time than alternative dispute resolution.


Parties can create their terms in alternative dispute resolution. If things change and both parties want to flex, there are ways to work with that decision. Alternative dispute resolution allows more control over the situation, making it less stressful for both groups involved.

Litigation is more structured, but it’s easy for things to get out of control for parties. With alternative dispute resolution, you can have a hand in the process and keep things within your hands.


Litigation is full of formalities and complex situations, no matter what you are in court for in your life. Alternative dispute resolution changes that. It doesn’t involve any of the additions that litigation does, making the process straightforward to complete in a reasonable time.

The simpler the legal process, the easier it will be for both parties to come to a proper conclusion. Of course, there are cases where an alternative dispute resolution will incorporate the complexities of traditional litigation cases.


Although litigation is confidential, alternative dispute resolution is more confidential. The fight is not in front of the public and keeps your company or self out of the spotlight. Alternative dispute resolution keeps trade secrets, sensitive documents, and more from being revealed to the public eye.

The more confidential the case, the better it will be for the future of your business. Privacy is necessary, especially when fighting about financial items. The public doesn’t need to be involved in private manners.


Disputes tend to resolve much faster in alternative dispute resolution than in litigation. The terms surrounding the situation are much less open, thus causing each party to land on a conclusion much faster. Parties will quickly go their separate ways.

Appear rights are much more limited in alternative dispute resolution than they are in litigation. Parties must resolve them quicker, lowering costs and making it simple to move forward. Alternative dispute resolutions are more final.

Potential Issues With Alternative Dispute Resolution

There are disadvantages to consider with alternative dispute resolution, too. It’s critical to go in with both sides in your database.

Here are the potential disadvantages of alternative dispute resolution:

  • Lack of appeal: There is no ability to appeal in ADR. Things are less clear.
  • Not binding: ADR is not legally binding like litigation. There is no guarantee of a solution.
  • Potentially pricey: The longer the ADR, the more expensive the process becomes. It can eventually become more costly than litigation.
  • Power imbalance: The more money and power a company has, the better advantage they possess in ADR.

These can make the process worse than going the litigation route.

Despite these potential disadvantages, most cases have more benefits. It’s best to speak with a professional to determine which will create the most ideal circumstances for your claim.

Reach Out For Assistance

If you’re interested in learning more about alternative dispute resolution options, contact CAMERON CLAIMS® We will analyze your situation and determine if litigation or alternative dispute resolution is the ideal choice for your legal situation. Most of the time, alternative dispute resolution is most effective.

We understand the stress of working through a dispute, whether you are speaking for a company or operating solo. CAMERON CLAIMS® has plenty of experience in the field. We will help you determine a proper settlement and come to an understanding with the opposing party. We will provide litigation support if necessary. Call Us Today 772-600-5319

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