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Commercial Property Claims

Owning or Managing a commercial property is a massive responsibility. When there are damages from a covered peril, it’s critical to timely report the damage with your insurer to comply with your duty as an owner. However, the commercial property claims process is easier said than done.

Read on to learn more about commercial property and how they work into insurance claims. The more you know about insurance and commercial properties, the easier it will be to navigate the situation.

What Is Commercial Property?

First, let’s define commercial property. Anything under this label is a building used for money-making purposes. People don’t live in commercial properties – they are locations where business transactions occur. Merchants, and rental profit are the most common ways to earn money.

Commercial property insurance protects your business from loss of income, fires, plumbing failures, storm damages, liability, and more. If you experience severe damage to your building, file a claim with your insurance company to be reimbursed and help your business push forward and continue to operate.

How Do Commercial Insurance Claims Work?

Although a commercial insurance claim isn’t complicated, the process is. It’s tricky to ensure you have everything correct.

Here is what happens in a traditional commercial insurance claim:

  • The owner files a claim, complete with evidence and other valuable information
  • Speak to an insurance adjuster and attempt to resolve.
  • If no resolution, get a second opinion from a qualified Public Insurance adjuster or licensed attorney.

It’s critical to find coverage for issues in your commercial property. Our team is ready to ensure everything is properly addressed.

Reach Out For Assistance

If you’re interested in our assisting you in a commercial insurance claim but aren’t sure where to begin, contact CAMERON CLAIMS®. We will guide you every step of the way, ensuring every aspect of your building receives attention along the way. We will provide confidence in your claim.

We understand the difficulty of owning a commercial property, and a commercial property insurance claim is yet another stress on top of that ownership. We will help you make it right. Call Us Today to Schedule An Appointment 772-600-5319