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Comparative Estimate Service

In an insurance claim, it’s critical to examine your claim and receive a second opinion. A comparative estimate service is crucial to provide the best defense as you navigate your case. We are equipped and ready to help.

Read on to learn more about comparative estimates and how they impact your claim scenario. We will help you feel satisfied and confident in your claim.

What Is a Comparative Estimate?

A comparative estimate is a comparison number that customers can use to compare their previous claims. It helps determine if the adjuster has done their job correctly or if there is something off about their judgment. Comparative estimates provide an alternate perspective in a claim situation.

Many may not see the point of a comparative estimate. If you have an adjuster, why get another opinion on your current number? There are many reasons comparative estimate is an excellent idea in a claim scenario.

Why Get a Comparative Estimate?

There are many excellent insurance adjusters in the industry, but many aren’t very good. It’s risky to play with your money and high risk to put all your eggs in one basket. A comparative estimate ensures the client has a proper valuation.

A comparative estimate will provide additional confidence as you navigate the ins and out of the situation. We will help you feel up-to-date and satisfied with your numbers.

Reach Out for More Information

If you’re interested in a comparative estimate, contact CAMERON CLAIMS® for further assistance. We offer estimates for policyholders, contractors, public adjusters, independent appraisers, and attorneys. A comparative estimate ensures you can feel confident in your adjuster.

A comparative estimate is an excellent line of defense using an estimate through Xactimate Software. You can take our number and compare it with yours to feel confident in the number you have. Call Us Today 772-600-5319