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Update HURRICANE NIGEL 9/19/23 1:29pm to Friday 9/22/23 Heading North clear of landfall currently.

Update on HURRICANE LEE 9/12/23 1:44pm to Saturday 9/16/23 Forecast Models Heading towards North East

Update on HURRICANE LEE 9/08/23 at 1pm *Currently a Category 5*



Tracking Tropical Storm HAROLD 8/22/23


*Hilary leaves neighborhoods in California buried in mud*

Click the Link to See HILARY Video

News: Hurricane IAN caused $12.6 Billion in insured losses.

Hurricane IAN Hit Florida 9/28/22

Florida news: Hurricane Ian came on suddenly and struck locations in Southwest Florida causing extensive damage. Unfortunately, this storm caused severe property damage and took dozens of lives. Today, many are displaced and confused about what steps to take regarding their insurance claims once they have reached an impasse with their Insurance Company. We at CAMERON CLAIMS® are ready to assist those impacted by Hurricane Ian.

If you’re interested in learning more about CAMERON CLAIMS® and how we will help those affected by Hurricane Ian, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about the damages caused by the storm and how our team is ready to help. The more you know, the easier it will be to locate assistance as you attempt to get your insurance and cases in order.

News Covers the Damages Caused By Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian was a swirling storm of surge water and high winds. Many counties expected it, while others thought they were safely out of the path of destruction. Unfortunately, Hurricane Ian turned at the last minute and hit towns unprepared for the damage. This shift led to chaos and an unfortunate loss for many people in the path of Hurricane Ian.

Many items were hurt as a result of Hurricane Ian. Here are a few examples as a result of the storm:

  • Destroyed and flooded homes;
  • Water damaged businesses;
  • Harm and death to various people;
  • Harm and death to various pets.

Everything changed in the towns where Hurricane Ian pressed through.

If your clients were in the path of Hurricane Ian, they likely suffered property damages. Whether that was their home, or personal property, there is much to recover and pull back together after a natural disaster of this scale. Luckily, our team at CAMERON CLAIMS® is ready to help you navigate the ins and outs of the Alternative Dispute Process.

Our Team Is Ready To Help

Our team at CAMERON CLAIMS® is ready to help those involved in Hurricane Ian resolve their dispute with their Insurance Company. We are a dedicated team, serving large and small firms and their clients, Fortune 500 companies and small businesses, and individuals in need.

We want to help your clients achieve accurate and amicable resolutions for their insurance claims. To wit, we provide pre-suit services such as mediation, appraisal, arbitration, and litigation support such as loss consultancy, and expert testimony.

Let’s talk more about the four main services we offer. If your client was involved in the chaos of Hurricane Ian and has reached a dispute with their carrier, our services may be beneficial.


CAMERON CLAIMS® offers appraisal services to help you resolve first party property claim disputes. Appraisal is an alternative means of resolving factual issues disputed in first party property claims. A property claim dispute arises when a policyholder and their Insurance Company disagrees on the amount of loss and/or damages. Each party to the dispute chooses an appraiser, who is to independently set the amount of the loss. The appraisers choose an Umpire to rule between their differences in the event they are unable to agree on the amount of loss. The appraisal is concluded by virtue of an award form bearing two of the three panelist’ signatures. Generally, each party pays their own appraiser, and shares the costs of the Umpire equally.

Mediation Representation

We also offer mediation representation. Mediation gives you the opportunity to settle claim disputes with your insurance company by allowing you to meet with them in an informal setting (conference) with a certified, neutral mediator or (Sinkhole) Neutral Evaluator to assist in resolving your claim. Mediation is non-binding, which means none of the parties are required to accept the outcome. Residential property mediation allows you to settle disputes regarding all residential property claims resulting from damage to your house, dwelling, mobile home or condominium. Mediation is a pre-appraisal and pre-suit process that allows you to meet with your insurance company in an informal setting (conference) with a certified, neutral mediator to assist in resolving your claim. Mediation is non-binding. If a settlement is reached, you have three business days to rescind the agreement as long as you have not cashed the check and you inform the company of your decision.

According to the DFS, mediation may be requested only by the policyholder, or the insurer. The dispute must be a disagreement over what caused the damage or the cost of repair of the damage. Upon receipt of request for DFS mediation, the Department will notify the parties that they have 21 days to otherwise resolve the dispute. If the parties do not reach a resolution, then a mediator will be assigned to conduct the meeting. According to the DFS, all named policyholders/insured(s) listed must attend the conference, but they may be represented by someone who can assist in presenting the claim to the mediator, who is paid by the insurance company. It’s stressful to deal with an insurance claim, then experience resistance from an adverse party. Our mediation representation simplifies things and takes all the weight off your shoulders. We seek resolution that is fair and amicable to your client’s interests. We understand what you or your client may have went through with the hurricane and want to make it better.

Peer Review and Loss Consultancy

Our team offers objective review to assist you in taking the most efficient steps towards resolution. We want nothing more than to help get your claim resolved efficiently, amicably, and accurately. Our professionals are on your side, ready to assist after Hurricane Ian’s damages. We can provide comparative estimates, or review your opposing counsel’s position, or perform inspections and written reports. We are available all hours of the day, prepared to do whatever it takes to make your client’s life better after this epic natural disaster.

Price & Scope Expert Witness Testimony

Given the passing of Senate Bill 2A, much is to be learned in the upcoming months in first party property Ian cases. We forecast many cases will involve damages resulting from both flood and wind generated forces. In these situations, it is imperative that the expert is able to testify on the applicability of valued policy law, if and/or how Post-Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) will be applied [or enforced] by local authorities.

CAMERON CLAIMS® founder, Aaron Penn, is a Florida Certified Building Contractor (CBC1265835), and Certified Roofing Contractor (CCC1334404) who has testified in both State and Federal Courts throughout Florida as an expert witness in first party property cases such as these. Mr. Penn is also certified by the IICRC with Water Damage Restoration Technician & Applied Microbial Remediation designations. Mr. Penn’s expertise include(s): Residential and Commercial construction and restoration; Property Damage Appraisal, Claim Handling, and Scope and Pricing analyses.

Contact Us For Help

Hurricane Ian was an expected storm that caused a ton of unexpected damage in Florida. Many are still figuring out their insurance claims and court cases, and we at CAMERON CLAIMS® are here to help. We will provide insurance appraisals, mediation representation, and litigation support in your time of need. CAMERON CLAIMS® has everything you need for the best results.

If you’re interested in asking CAMERON CLAIMS® for assistance in your case, reach out to us. We have a contact page on our website, but you can also call us at (772) 600-5319 if you prefer speaking to an actual person, or call Mr. Penn directly to interview him at (561) 891-1378.