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Who We Are

Honest and Knowledgeable Dispute Resolution Specialists

Cameron Claims in Palm City, FL has a dedicated team of dispute resolution specialists serving individuals, businesses, and insurance companies in the area. We are committed to providing non-biased and honest assessments of insurance claim disputes to resolve conflicts amicably. Our goal is to maintain productive relationships between entities. When two parties can’t agree on terms, sometimes a decision by a neutral body is the best course of action.

Founded in 2019, Cameron Claims Management is a full-service Property and Casualty Alternative Dispute Resolution firm located in Palm City, FL. Our goal is to assist our clients in the accurate and amicable resolution of their insurance claim(s). We work primarily as independent insurance appraisers in resolving amount-of-loss questions for property insurers; but also offer other services such as mediation representation, loss consulting/estimating, peer review, and subject matter expert witness testimony. Contact us to learn more about our services.

Contact Cameron Claims Today

For a civil process to resolve disputes quickly and amicably, contact the professionals at Cameron Claims in Palm City, FL. From insurance appraisals and claim loss consulting to expert witness testimony and mediation, we have a service to meet the needs of any individual, business, or insurance provider.

Call Us Today for Insurance Claim Dispute Resolution Services